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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 13, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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teen is on suicide watch and the teen hasn't received his mental vangs into the -- evaluation from the statement of the shooting at perry hall high school nearly cost 17-year-old daniel borowy his life. some suggest that bullying may have driven robert gladden, jr. to bring the gun to school but his attorney said the teen didn't mean to harm anyone except himself. >> i think he expected to be killed and desired to be killed. he sent a text message to the e fact this is his first day of school and last day of his life and his conduct invited the armed plaintiff present to shoot and the-- and kill him. >> reporter: gladden entered the
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courtroom with his long plaque air shielding most of his faissments his attorney said he has shown remorse for both his victim and his actions. >> this child asked about the well-being of the child who was injured. we told him. he expressed relief. he said some day he would like to moat the child or the parents and express his regret for his behavior. now frankly, you're hearing my words, not the child's. >> reporter: gladden's attorney asked to transfer his case to juvenile court saying he acted as a child and does not warrant an adult's punishment. >> i'm not sure he appreciates the sequence or what caused the weapon to fire. i'm not suggesting that someone else forced him to pull the trigger. i think he was in a state of extreme anxiety and his recall
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is far from are fact. >> the defense begs the question why gladden brought 21, 16 dpawj shells to the school and maid sure the gun was loaded before he entarred the cafeteria. >> we spoke to daniel borowy's parents. they said daniel is working hard to get his strength back. the family said the priority is for him to get better. parents, you still have a chance to make your voices heard. four days are remaining. one will be at perry hall high school. that meeting is scheduled for wednesday october 3rd. child care will be provided no morgan state university is back to business after a shooting on campus yesterday. the school resumed normal operations. the victim was shot in the stomach, the 19-year-old in
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critical condition. he's not a student but was there visiting his cousin who is a student. pause the shooter was likely an outside are, some shod -- students aren't fearful. >> it wasn't like students are walking around with guns. it's people from the city coming in here with guns. that's a problem but i'm not scared because it's in the my problem. >> while some say it calls into question the security, the ute said it's physically impossible to prevent people who aren't students and staff from coming on to the campus. >> there's a rumor going around social media that somebody was going to bring a gun to kenwood high school. that was unfounded. it sits a few blocks away from stemmers run high school that wases in the put on lockdown.
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an 8th grader had threatened a teacher and class plates. no one was hurt. baltimore police arrested a north carolina man for the shooting of two well known mt. vernon residents. 28-year-old quniton bass is looked up. larry -- alex ulrich was murdered and larry peterson was injured. for months homicide detectives were building the case but it was two officers on not patrol that helped crack it. bass was cited for drinking in a public park, carrying a hand gunlt homicide detectives worked backward and charged him with the deadly shooting just three weeks earlier. >> we think it is significant, this case. it highlights how the different components of the police department work together, not whom together but with the community in solving important
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cases. detectives say the motive was robbery. police need your help to find the woman who was with bass. if you remember anything call homicide at 410-361-2100. the victims from jerry sandusky said penn state has been slow to act on the settlement. the lawyers say they will not wait much long are for the university to propose a settlement process. sandusky was convicted in june of 45 counts of sexual abuse of 10 boys. a little warmer out there today. sunshine warming us up into the le 80s in spots. 86 in frederick. d.c. check in at 80. low 80s on the eastern shore. humidity bone dry.
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sky crystal clear. a new front is continuing to march in. it will change the weather slightly through our day on friday. then there will be good weather behind it. the rest of the evening enjoy it. we'll talk about when we could see a shower tomorrow. that's straight ahead. if your third grader had an allergic reaction, would you feel comfortable with the teach are giving her an epipen. when buying a used car and used car they look pretty good. but these cars have a secret you don't know b the used car challenge. can you spot the rebuilt wreck. we're putting people here in whitemarsh to the test. a 77-year-old granny wants an apologize for being -- apology for being pulled over and out of her car. you know, i was once used for small jobs.
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on tuesday we told you about the new law in maryland requiring schools to stock epipens. part of the law is making sure the teacher and staff know how to use epipens properly. linda so takes us inside a howard county school to show us how they've gotten ready. >> reporter: when you walk through the doors of longfellow elementary, you can see what they're doing. in the kitchen it's allergy and nut free. in the library there's books about allergy. this is about the curriculum. this year there's something new. >> doses of epipens. >> reporter: they're stocked in the office in case a cold has a
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severe allergic reaction. >> this puts another safeguard in place. we can respond immediately with emergency medication in addition to calling 911. >> reporter: the new law was prompted by what happened to the first grader who died at school after eating a peanut. before the new school year started the school nurse was responsible for training teachers and the principal how to use epipens. having the entire staff trained allows them to respond more quickly. the epipens are kept in this bag in the health room. >> if there were an emergency situation that came up, a staff member could call down to the health room. the nurse who take the bag and respond quickly. it's right there in the om, clearly labored-- labeled. >> reporter: for parents with
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kids with severe allergies, it's an added assurance. >> it makes me feel better that it doesn't have to be the school nurse or the cluster nurse, that it can be his home room teacher or the educator, whoever is available to do it. >> that is our number one goal to make sure the kids are safe. >> reporter: a law aimed at make sure no other kid loses their life from the severe allergic reaction. >> it does cost some money. not only does each school have to be stocked but they have to be replaced because three do expire. for more stories like this one, just head to >> what do you think about this? an american university professor breast fed her baby during class. she wrote that her daughter was
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sick, didn't want to cancel the class so brought the baby and breast fed her. now there as the question whether it was professional. you weigh in. do you ever think it's okay for a professor to breast feed during class. we'll start you off with our brand-new hd camera in havre de grace. looking over the susquehanna river. what a gorgeous day to be out on the might ni susquehanna. in chesapeake bay, brilliant blue skies. that was the story all day as it has been around the baltimore area. gorgeous, gorgeous weather. that battle with the tampa bay rays. current conditions now not bad, 7. humidity is dry. dew point 56. that's low. sun set is coming earlier and
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earlier. temperatures are in the upper 70s to low 80s, so comfortable stuff with dry conditions statewide,ow humidity. we like that. that's comfortable. across the entire region we are clear. until you get further west out toward ohio, west virginia, that's where our next boundary will sneak in from. as we push toward tomorrow evening showers lining new western maryland. we think the showers will diminish and go away as they come through overnight. saturday will be clear. the front will come through friday night into saturday morning and it looks fantastic with more of those blue skies and more low humidity. here's the system that we're watching. line of showers reaching all the way back down into texas from all the way into northern michigan in the u.p. and the nrn great lakes, done northern great -- northern great
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lakes. it comes through after the peak heating of the day. we don't think we'll she lot in the way of new showers. how about the tropics? nadine showing strength. let's take a closer look at play in dean. you see pretty deep convection. possible it could become a hurricane over the next 12 to 24 hours, so we'll see what happens to old mighty nadine. 58, mostly clear, cool. there could be patchy fog by daybreak tomorrow, so we'll watch for that into the morning hours. any fog that does develop will burn off, partly cloudy, warm day, 83 but a chance for a stray shower coming in tomorrow evening. taking a look at the weekend setup, it's not bad at all, 70s, shungz real -- sunshine really good. if we see a shower, it will be late friday evening. so i would say this. enjoy the weekend.
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enjoy the rest of the outlook because conditions will get a little more unsettled and probably not as nice as we go toward tuesday. >> when buying a used car, you search the web looking for good prices. >> but of ri car holds a see -- every car holds a secret. joce sterman is working for you in whitemarsh with a car challenge, a test you need to take if you're going to match it to new wheels. >> reporter: when buying a new car, it's all about how it looks. these cars look fantastic. they are pulling a trick on us. they shined up these beautiful used cars to see if we can pick out which one is the rebuilt wreck. look at everything from inside the car to under the hood to figure out if you can tell which is the rebuilt wreck. all afternoon we've been having people look at threels cars. they've been going under the
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cars, top of the cars, examining all angles, looking at the three mini vance. we wanted to get a feel. jessica, what's your feeling, one, two, or three, the rebuilt wreck. >> the one on the end. the way the body seemed, i didn't think it seemed right. >> reporter: do you own a new car? >> i own a brand-new chrysler 300 and they did a great job when i got into an accident. >> reporter: and they do. george, you've been looking the longest, under the car, on top of it. what do you think? >> i believe the second one. looks like the bottom of the car looks newer. >> reporter: all right. thorough, very thorough. tell me what you think. >> i'm thinking this one,
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looking too clean. >> reporter: don't you think that's a trick? the little guy, cameron? >> number two because this has scratch marks. >> reporter: what's your take. >> i'm going to say the last one. the bottom looks rusty. it looks too good oar when buying a used car you have to do a thorough exam. you don't know what kind of history the car might have, what happened to it in its path. the people at car fact know. he will let us in on the secret on which one is the rebuilt wreck and what you need to look for when you're shopping. what are the signs of secrets of the car. so we're going to wrap it up. coming up at 5:45, live in whitemarsh. we'll be back in a few minutes. >> that's worth sticking around.
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suspected bank robbers lead police on a crazy high speed chase. what three were dumping out of their car windows. a grandmother is angry at police and wants an apology. was filled up with e the car on the right bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left.
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all right. this high speed chase in california wasn't a typical pursuit. cops were on the tail of a stolen car who held up a bank. then they started throwing something out of the vehicle. if's -- it's bundles of cash. people started gathering to october it. police got their suspects. a 77-year-old grandma in
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texas is demanding an apology from police. she was pulled over for speeding, dragged out of her car when she refused to comply. the dash camera was rolling the whole time. >> hurry up. i've got to go to the bathroom. i have a bladder infection. >> let me see your driver's license and insurance. >> listen to me. >> no. >> why? >> let me see your driver's license. >> in a minute. >> you show me now or you're going to take me to jail. >> go ahead. >> the woman was later released from the scene and cited for speeding. her attorney said the officer had other options but the department said he followed policies. >> i guess she really had to go. >> coming up, he was a beloved fixture and was found shot to death on saturday. we'll tell you how friends are remembering the life of fred dip
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king. >> a day after the american ambassador to libya was kills, antiamerican sentiment is spreading in the middle east. what a stretch of beautiful weather. the question is can we keep it going into the weekend? we got the answer right after this.
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gladden's attorney said the teen didn't mean to harm anyone but himself. a man is under arrest for the shooting of two mt. vernon residents. quniton bass is facing a charge of first-degree murder for shooting alex ulrich, who died.
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larry peterson was critically injured. >> students are back to class on morgan state after the shooting. one person is in critical condition. the victim is not a student but was there visiting a cousin who is a student. investigators believe the shooter was not a morgan student. >> more of that gorgeous, gorgeous sunshine. frederick 81. 81 easton. so this is comfortable, comfortable weather. we're enjoying this. clear for now but a front is pushing in. it will bring additional cloud cover as we go into tomorrow evening and perhaps a few showers will survive the trip across the mountains. in the meantime, enjoy a mighty fine evening of weather in the 70s. back to you. fred king was buried today.
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the father, son, kevin was found shot. >> roosevelt leftwich has more. >> reporter: fed king wanted to see his daughter go to college on a basketball scholarship. help won't see that because someone took his life and family and a host of friends want to know why. antonio rogers is burying a brother. freddy king was a touring figure well known in aau circles but also a touring figure in his family's life. >> they don't know what they took from us, a son, loved him more than anything and it hurts for him to keep asking about his father. >> reporter: on saturday king dropped his son off at the
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barber shop and said he would be right back. he was found shot to death in cherry hill. he was a few feet from his home. king was taken to shock trauma where he died. at this point police have few clues. family man who was working hard to ray raise his -- to raise his children many any information the public can help us with, we welcome it. >> reporter: the family says they know this is a process and that the police are doing what they can. big fred, they said, was a part of their life and touched the lives of many others and he deserved better. >> all we're asking, if you've seen anything last saturday night, please call. he was a good


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